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Sedation Dentistry

We offer all manners of sedation to provide comfort for all patients that may suffer from anxiety or nervousness. Our top priority is to make sure every patient is happy and as relaxed as possible during their dental experience.

One of the methods we use is Nitrous Oxide gas, commonly known as laughing gas, which is a noninvasive form of sedation. The patient is conscious, relaxed, and comfortable. It is used either by itself or in addition to oral or IV sedation. It is safe and mixed with oxygen to be inhaled for a relaxing effect.

Oral sedation is another form of sedation that is available at our office. This type of sedation is taken orally and helps the patient feel more relaxed and sleepy, providing an anxiety free visit. Oral sedatives are normally taken before the dentist’s visit so that they have time to kick in before the dental procedure takes place.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation allows the patient to become sedated through an injection. He/She will be carefully monitored by our dental professionals as the procedure is being performed. Although you will be awake during the procedure you will be completely relaxed and won’t remember the procedure.

All the above mentioned sedation options are called conscious sedation, as the patient is technically awake while under sedation. All these options are safe for adults and children, however, patients, especially adults are not advised to drive home by themselves after having been sedated for a procedure. It is recommended that all patients who visit our dentist for a procedure, during which they will be sedated, are accompanied by a relative, friend or guardian.

One of our dentists’ top priorities is to make sure every dental experience is as calm and relaxed as possible. Dr. Wright has been highly trained in all sedation options listed. Please call our office for further information.